The philosophy behind the Robert McDuffie Center for Strings in Mercer University’s Townsend School of Music is that success in today’s music professions requires skills beyond the major.

We at the Robert McDuffie Center for Strings believe in training the next generation of musicians not just in music, but in all the skills they’ll need to navigate through the music business. In addition to their intensely focused instrumental studies, we will be training our students in Economics — micro and macro; Technology; Business law; Entrepreneurship; Digital rights; Fundraising; Non-profits; Public speaking; Social media; Philosophy and the Arts; and Psychology.

Modeled by the faculty, the Center encourages its young musicians to engage with all aspects of the 21st century performing arts world. The present environment is challenging to navigate, yet bursting with opportunity for the imaginative, entrepreneurial artist. Click here to hear Robert McDuffie’s interview with Fred Child on Performance Today.